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Faculty & Staff

Cintia Morales [ Language Program Manager / Email: cintia@allstexas.com ]

I am originally from Mexico, but grew up in South Texas. I have been teaching English as a Foreign Language for 8 years. I have taught in Korea, Thailand, China, Brazil, and Mexico. I have a Master’s degree in ESL from the University of Texas. I love meeting people from all over the world, learn about different cultures, and share my TexMex culture as well! In my spare time I enjoy rock-climbing, running, the Austin Night life with friends and of course hanging out with my two kitties and puppy!

Cherise Olson [ Education Program Manager / Email: cherise.alls@gmail.com ]

My first experience teaching English was in China for five weeks. I made some very precious memories with the students and the people there, and since then I couldn't stop teaching! I've been teaching English for a couple years now, with a certification in the field. I've taught in Italy and Japan as well. I absolutely love meeting people from all over the world and hearing their stories and ultimately having an exchange of cultures in my classroom.

I am originally from California, so I consider myself a California girl. Texas is a little too hot for me, but I love the atmosphere at Austin--very friendly, very active, and sometimes weird people! I've lived in Austin a little over a year now. I try to go outside and explore Austin as much as I can, so talk to me and I can give you some recommendations, and maybe go with you, too! Also, I play soccer a few times a week, and if you are ever interested, you can come play, too.

Nathali Novoa [ Head Teacher / Email: nathalip.alls@gmail.com ]

I decided to become an ESL teacher after studying Translation and Interpretation in Peru and realizing how much I enjoy the classroom interaction with students. I obtained a TESOL certificate and the adventure began 26 years ago.

I have taught in South America, North America and Western Europe to students of all ages and all geographies. Among whom I remember a K-Pop star, politicians, Michael Jackson’s staff and crew in Peru, a Brazilian Olympic swimmer, soap opera actors, priests and artists.
Having fun in my class is a key piece of my methodology.
I am a passionate “foodie” and a world traveler. I can speak Spanish and greet in 12 different languages.

Kelsey Shipman [ ESL/Spanish Instructor / Email: kelseys.alls@gmail.com ]

I am a writer, performer, and educator. I've taught students in a variety of environments including senior citizens at the public library, inmates at the Travis County Jail, and undergraduates at Texas State University where I earned my MFA in Creative Writing. There are five countries I've called home over the years including: Bolivia, Ghana, Mexico, and The Czech Republic. The only thing I enjoy doing as much as teaching is writing. I've published six books, including one book of poetry in Spanish. A native Texan, I love big dogs and breakfast tacos.

Mayra Lopez [ ESL/Spanish Instructor / Email: mayral.alls@gmail.com ]

I am an instructor, translator and interpreter of English and Spanish. I have a Master´s degree in distance education. Spanish is my mother tongue and I teach English and Spanish as second languages. I have worked with students from many parts of the world and I love teaching and sharing with them. I embrace diversity and I love the give and take of classroom atmospheres.

My country of origin is Cuba; there are many things we can share, and I can take you to the place where you can eat the best tamales and tostones and drink the most delicious Mojitos in Austin. Come join our class!

Paige Laycock [ ESL Instructor / Email: paigel.alls@gmail.com ]

I was born and raised in Dallas, TX! I received my BS in psychology from Texas Christian University (Go Frogs!) and my Master’s in ESL from the University of North Texas. I taught abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which holds a special place in my heart. You can find me skiing in Colorado every winter, traveling every summer, and brunching every Saturday. I love penguins, my dog Frazier, and all my awesome students. My students teach me all about the world and their fascinating cultures – it’s wonderful!