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I am Nicolas, aka Nici, and I am from Hamburg, Germany. I arrived in Austin on April 10.

Do you like Austin?Why? “Yes, I really like Austin. The weather is always good and there is many things to do. Austin is really green and has a lot of water everywhere.”

What do you recommend doing in Austin? “I really recommend taking a kayak to go down the Colorado River or Lake Austin.”

Why are you learning English? “My  English classes, from my other school, were not that good. I have to improve my English for my studies and future jobs.”

How long have you been taking classes at ALLS? “4 weeks.”

What do you like about ALLS? “Everybody here is really friendly, the atmosphere is relaxing, very different from other schools. This makes it easier to learn English.”

Do you have any advice about how to learn English? “If you want to improve or learn English, you have to practice it, read books, watch shows, and movies in English. You should talk to everybody and do not be shy. Nobody is laughing at you, most Americans are patient.”

Thank you Nici! We are glad to  have you as a student.

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