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Levels of Proficiency

Grammar Reading Writing Listening & Speaking
Level I
Low Beginning
》 Uses basic daily vocabulary.

》 Can introduce self and ask basic questions.

》 Able to identify the main idea of a short paragraph.

》 Can answer basic comprehension questions.

》 Able to complete applications.

》 Understands subject verb sentence structure.

》 Able to understand speakers who speak clearly.

》 Can follow simple instructions able to participate in basic interviews.

Level II
High Beginning
》 Communicates using compound sentence structures to express personal options. 》 Can read short articles and paragraphs and is able to develop vocabulary in context.

》 Understand the main ideas.

》 Can write a brief paragraph and contrasting two objects.

》 Able to write personal letters.

》 Show understanding of basic pronunciation rules.

》 Able to express personal preference.

Level III
Low Intermediate
》 Uses past and future grammar tenses appropriately when communicating. 》 Able to paraphrase an article or paragraph.

》 Can identity supporting detail in a passage.

》 Can write a personal story using correct punctuation and spelling. 》 Can engage in conversation.

》 Able to describe people and environment.

Level IV
High Intermediate
》 Begins to communicate by using perfect tenses.

》 More complex vocabulary is used.

》 Can read an article, make predictions.

》 Note the difference between fact and opinion.

》 Able to write basic notes, messages, and requests.

》 Writing has structure including a clear thesis.

》 Speaking using various clauses.

》 Pronunciation is correct and accent is easy to understand.

Level V
Low Advanced
》 Recognizes when different future present, past and perfect grammar tenses are appropriate. 》 Can make assumptions about the author of the text.

》 Can comprehend material from 1 page length articles.

》 Writes summaries with clear structure.

》 Shows understanding of chronological order.

》 Correct pronunciation is used.

》 Able to tell facts and express opinions on more complex issues.

Level VI
High Advanced
》 Communicates fluently with full understanding of various forms of grammar including perfect tenses and mixed conditionals. 》 Can skim for main idea and specific information in addition to author’s purpose.

》 Able to distinguish main ideas from detail.

》 Can write a structured essay using complex grammar, understanding tone and style. 》 Engages fully is a conversation understand a majority of the information regardless of accent or speed.

》 Able to communicate and understand complex or abstract ideas.


Level Advancement

*A student may not move up a level until they have passed the final exam to place them in that level.
**Students may not drop to a lower level they have already passed.
***They may only do so with written approval from the current teacher and the target class teacher with the permission of the language program director.
****To advance to the next class students must pass the final test with a score or 75%.