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Name: Sulegie

Home country: South Korea 

How long have you been in Austin?
I’ve been in Austin 2 months.

How long have you been taking classes?
Just as I arrived I enrolled in the classes.

What do you like about Austin? What do you recommend doing?
I’ve never been to various places still, but there’s a lot of parks, and also UT. It’s a very calm and comfortable place, so you can enjoy food and you can enjoy talking walks and music and a lot of things. People are so nice, so, it’s very good.

Do you have any stories of people you’ve met in Austin?
If I go shopping at the mall, the clerk is very kind. And also other people–they do small talk, with me, and they all smile. If I make eye contact with them, they always smile, and say hi.

What do you like about the school?
It’s very good. I’m taking a class that is a very small class, so I can be close to the other students and make friends. It makes me comfortable, and I can talk a lot because the class is very small. It’s very good.

Do you have any favorite memories with the school?
Oh, my birthday party! Because I didn’t know that the teachers and my classmates were preparing for my birthday party. It was a very good memory, because it was my first birthday party in the US. And I didn’t have any friends before I came to the school, so it was very nice and it made me happy.